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Food safety Training Program

The goal of the Train-the-Trainer Program is to provide participants with a solid understanding of the concepts and principals of teaching adults. The facilitator of this program guides course participants through the learning process including comprehension of course content AND uncovering their unique training style.

The Student Workbook provides pre-class and in class information to ensure each student has a successful course. The Facilitators Guide and Power Point ensure that Facilitators are on target, effective and successful in delivery of the TRAIN-THE-TRAINER program.

Train-the-trainer, once successfully completed will allow individuals who have successfully attained a grade of 90% or higher in ADVANCED.fst® to register with TrainCan, Inc. to train the ADVANCED.fst® and BASICS.fst® food handling certification programs.

TrainCan offers food safety training for every learning level to meet your specific needs.
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