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This teacher's viral hack will convince your kids to wash their hands

Yahoo Canada Style, by Jessica Ankomah, Sept. 21, 2017

As chidren, we’re told time and time again. As adults, we’re nudged by signage in public washrooms, health facilities, restaurants… and yet, the importance of washing our hands is often overlooked.

The fact is, germs are most easily spread through hand contact — and Donna Allen, a Health Occupation teacher at Cape Fear High School, North Carolina, has an ingenious hack to prove it.

“This is the grossest yet coolest experiment,” she wrote on Facebook, after sharing the demonstration with her students.

Allen took three slices of bread and placed the first piece in a ziplock bag while wearing gloves as a controlled specimen.

The second slice was tucked away with “clean hands” which were freshly washed. The third piece of bread was passed around her entire class before being sealed away in its bag.

When the students returned to check on the experiment days later, the results were astounding.

Many have applauded Allen, not only for sharing the importance of personal hygiene but for her stimulating (however nauseating) teaching method.

“Visual learning always helps the point to stay in our brains,” one person commented. “This is a perfect way to teach children.”

Some joked that this would be useful for many of their colleagues at work.

“We should show this experiment at my job,” wrote another. “Forget kids I know some fully grown adults that could use the lesson!”

Shared more than 70,000 times with over 15,000 comments, we sure hope hand washing is a lesson learned for both kids and adults alike!