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TrainCan thinks that’s August / September issue has some very interesting articles and suggests you check them out!

The COVER STORY discusses the impact strong leadership can have in “Present-Day Food Safety Leadership Advice for Future Food Safety Leaders”. It also offers insightful tips on how you can develop effective leadership skills to strengthen your food safety culture.

What do you think about mandatory Hepatitis vaccinations for the foodservice and food retail industries?
“FOODSERVICE: Hepatitis A Exposure among Foodservice Workers” uses data from the June 2018 Kentucky Hepatitis A outbreak to kick off a very informative article about the risks and impact of the highly contagious hepatitis A virus to the foodservice industry. Also included in the article are recommendations for creating a plan to protect foodservice workers from hepatitis A infection.

“C-STORES: Keeping Food Safe in the C-Store Environment”, Food Safety Magazine convened a panel of C-Store experts to address some of the more critical questions regarding the challenges surrounding C-Store food safety culture.

Hungry for new ways to feed the world with affordable, sustainable non-vertebrate alternatives?
“SPECIALTY FOODS - The Use of Insects as Food Ingredients” provides insightful data including the most commonly consumed insects; the benefits of insect consumption; physical, chemical and biological challenges of harvesting these alternative food sources. Find out why good manufacturing practices are essential to all processed foods – no matter how many legs or wings they have!