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CFIA warns of potential tampering of infant formula products in Edmonton

Canada’s food safety watchdog has urged caution after evidence of tampering was found in infant formula products at a store in Edmonton.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency posted a public advisory Tuesday after reports of “tampering by product substitution” from a Walmart store located at 775 Tamarack Way Northwest.

“Infant formula products have been found where the tamper-proof seals had been broken and the product inside the containers had been substituted,” the CFIA said in the advisory.

“This type of issue is not typically associated with the manufacturing process but can occur occasionally when a consumer returns altered products to the retail store for a refund.”

Consumers using infant formulas were advised to examine the packaging to ensure that the security seal is intact and has not been altered.

If a product appears to have been interfered with, the CFIA advised against using it and contacting local law enforcement or the CFIA.

There have been no reports of illness linked to the complaint, the CFIA said.