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Sobeys Is Canada is First Grocery Store Chain To Eliminate Plastic Bags and People Are Thrilled Reusable mesh bags will be available!

Sobeys will be taking initiative as the first grocery store to completely get rid of all plastic bags by the end of January 2020. Sobeys has 255 locations nationwide, and this new step towards reducing plastic will take 225 million plastic bags out of rotation annually. "So many of our customers and our employees have told us loud and clear — they want us to use less plastic — and we agree with them," said Michael Medline, President and CEO, Empire.

Paper bags are set to be the new normal, however, as other grocers such as Foodland, FreshCo and IGA follow suit.

"This is a significant first step, but it's only a first step. We need to go further, and we will," says the CEO, Michael Medline.

Sobeys will, thankfully, be providing reusable mesh bags in their stores that can be returned for recycling or repeatedly used. These bags are made out of recycled waterbottles — an amazing idea. This initiative has already been launched in Quebec IGA stores since June, and the response has been quite positive.

People seem pretty excited about Sobeys' announcement: