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Viral photos of exposed chicken lead to food inspection at Dartmouth restaurant

A Dartmouth restaurant is in damage control after photos of their restaurant went viral on social media, prompting multiple complaints.

Photos of raw chicken behind the Pho Hoang Minh restaurant in Dartmouth were shared on a Halifax Facebook page

The pictures show raw pieces of meat — uncovered and exposed to the elements — placed on a board above two green organic waste bins.

The photos quickly drew condemnation from the general public.

Andy Pan, the owner of the family restaurant located at 172 Wyse Rd., said that it was his mother who put the raw chicken out to dry in the sun and that it was for personal use.

“The chicken wasn’t served in the restaurant,” Pan said. “I (came) back from delivery, and people were calling me… and then [I] just threw away the chicken.“
Food inspection, enforcement and compliance falls under the Nova Scotia Department of Environment.

In an emailed response to Global News, Department of Environment spokesperson Lisa Jarrett said the department was aware of the incident.

“We received multiple complaints through our online Food Safety Complaint Submission form regarding the issue,” said Jarrett. “Our staff are following up.”
Jarrett says the department can take a range of actions against the restaurant if necessary. That includes providing education to the owner/operator of the establishment or enforcing actions to address any violations that have been found.

Nova Scotia posts all of their restaurant inspection reports online.

Pho Hoang Minh has been inspected 11 times since of Aug. 24, 2016, according to the province’s records. The latest report is dated June 14, 2018.

Since Aug. 24, 2016, provincial food inspectors have filed seven notices to comply on food safety standards. Records show that the restaurant fixed all of the deficiencies when asked.

Pan has accepted the public response to the pictures and said it won’t happen again.

“I told my mom — don’t do that again,” said Pan. “We shouldn’t be doing that again.”