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Soup sold at Belleville, Ontario farmers' market recalled

When I was a teenager my mom would drag me out of bed a couple of Saturday's every year and we'd go to the farmers' market in Peterborough. Depending on the season, she'd shop for peaches, apples, strawberries or cucumbers. The goal was to freeze or pickle these foods for winter consumption. I don't remember seeing much else at the market beyond produce, eggs or the local butcher. This was before I had embraced my food safety nerddom. Or knew what that was.

There probably was soup and other canned stuff floating around. I see canned stuff like pickles, jams and sauces that at the farmers' markets I frequent. I don't see a lot of low acid canned goods like mushroom soup. Stuff like that is tough to make commercially without a retort. And by tough I mean, against most local and federal laws.

In Belleville, Ontario (that's in Canada, former home of the OHL's Belleville Bulls) someone was selling some homemade mushroom soup. According to CFIA's website, regulatory folks conducted a few tests (I read that as 'tested the pH') and now there's a recall.

This stuff doesn't look sketchy at all (right, exactly as shown).