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Canada feds pledge $175,000 for food safety and standards

Canada is giving money to the DRC for food safety outreach efforts and to start the process of updating grade standards. ( DRC )

The government of Canada is giving $175,000 to the Fruit and Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation to assist in food safety outreach efforts and to help update Canadian fruit and vegetable grade standards.

The DRC will receive $118,795 to educate the industry on Safe Food for Canadians Act and Regulations, and $58,807 will go to updating the grade standards.

“Our government is committed to giving the horticulture industry in this province and across Canada the tools it needs to succeed and become even more competitive,” Vance Badawey, member of Parliament, said in a news release. “These investments will help strengthen the commercial position of our fruit and vegetable growers while contributing to our government’s goal to grow Canada’s agriculture and food exports to $75 billion by 2025.”

Ron Lemaire, president of the Canadian Produce Marketing Association, said the funding supports the supply chain to ensure Canadians continue to have access to fresh and affordable fruits and vegetables.

“We are very pleased the government of Canada has provided support to the fruit and vegetable sector for the DRC’s role in the trade and commerce portion of the Safe Food for Canadians Act as well as modernization of the Grade Standards Compendium for fresh fruit and vegetables,” Fred Webber, president and CEO of the DRC, said in the release. “The playing field will be truly leveled when everyone knows the rights and responsibilities associated with the proposed regulatory requirement for a DRC membership.”

Webber said the standards play an essential role in resolving grade and condition disputes.