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BCIT Student Surveys

This is from a colleague of mine, please help do the surveys and pass it along to friends/family/colleagues/coworkers, thank you! See below:

I am asking if you will consider sending this email with study links to your contacts, e.g. friends, family, students. Your contacts can read the study title (and there are some really interesting and important studies on COVID-19 being done by BCIT students!) and if it interests them, they can click on the link to read a brief description of the survey and to answer the survey. Each survey takes about 3-4 minutes to complete. The surveys are anonymous and confidential - no name based data is collected. Participants can withdraw from participation at any time throughout the survey. In some surveys, there is an opportunity to enter your name for a prize draw of a $100 visa gift card or a $25 Amazon eGift card! So please consider helping these BCIT students, they are struggling to get their research projects done this year. Thank you very much!

Most surveys will be closed by Feb 5, 2021.

Student name, project title and link:
Unless otherwise indicated the surveys are open to all residents of Canada.

Samuel Chen:
Investigating Handwashing Frequency In Canada As A Result Of The COVID-19 Pandemic.

John Zhang:
Face Mask Reuse Behaviours in Canadians During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Angel Chan:
Impact on Canadians' Mental Health due to COVID19

Matthew Kim:
Effect on Social Isolation on Covid-19 Risk Taking Behavior - Investigating an association between age and ethnicity with willingness to take risks for Covid-19 to avoid loneliness.

Kimberly Liu: (only for BC residents)
Evaluating the impacts of COVID-19 on the perceptions of hygiene and sanitation in Personal Service Establishments in British Columbia

Amy Yang:
A survey of public awareness and knowledge level on hand sanitizer recalls

Jappnit Bullar:
Public Knowledge on Hand Sanitizer Content

Simran Dhessi:
Digital literacy among older adults (>65 years) in a pandemic
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