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Old Techniques Meet Modern Technology Breakthroughs in technology improve time-honoured dry aging traditions

For best results, meat should be aged for a specific time in a microclimate of controlled temperature, humidity and air quality. This way it can age naturally.

Modern technology strives to take centuries old traditions to a safer, more cost efficient level.

For example, the Canadian foodservice market may now enjoy the “DRY-AGER™” – the number one award-winning dry aging cabinet. As well as dry aging beef, pork and lamb, the DRY-AGER™ can also be used in the production of charcuterie, ham curing and maturing of cheese.

This state-of-the-art dry aging fridge ensures the accurate regulation of temperature and humidity, creating the perfect sterilized micro-climate with an ideal air-flow. The safety benefits are two-fold: the DRYAGER™ has a patented UVC sterilization module which stops the potential for moulds to grow. The patented “Agion” consists of silver Ions which are molded into the sidewalls, providing long term protection against bacteria, fungi, mould, mildew and algae from forming inside the cabinet. This combination ensure meats and cheeses remain food safe for extremely long periods of time.

A cost benefit of this cabinet is that meat shrinkage is reduced to 7-8% versus the traditional method of 20% or more shrinkage.

Bottom line: The DRY-AGER™ equals food safe meat and cheese aging, with less shrinkage. The owner and inventor of the patented DRY-AGER will be at the Restaurants Canada Show March 1-3, 2020 (Enercare Centre, Toronto, Ontario FSS booth 1215-1223)