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CFIA cancels licences of 3 companies in massive meat recall

Companies no longer able to slaughter food animals or prepare meat products

The CFIA launched an investigation in September to look into possible E. coli contamination of some beef and veal products from three companies. (Bryan Eneas/CBC News)

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says it has cancelled the licences of three companies tied to a massive meat recall that ensnared nearly 900 beef and veal products.

The CFIA says in a statement it cancelled the Safe Food for Canadians licences of Ryding-Regency Meat Packers Ltd, as well as two others operating under St. Ann's Foods Inc.: Canadian Select Meats Inc. and The Beef Boutique Ltd.

The agency says these companies are no longer able to slaughter food animals or prepare meat products, including to export or send to other provinces or territories.

The CFIA says it made the decision after an investigation identified the licence holders provided false or misleading information to the agency about E. coli lab results.

A spokesman for Ryding-Regency did not immediately respond to a request for comment, while the publicly listed number for St. Ann's was not in service.

The CFIA previously suspended the licences for all three holders in September while it conducted its investigation.