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Will reheating rice cause food poisoning?, by Abigail Norton, June 25, 2017

(KUTV) So you want to reheat the orange chicken you ordered last night. Before you do, just know, you can get food poisoning from reheated rice.

According to the National Health Service, uncooked rice can contained spores of bacteria that can survive when rice is cooked. 

The organization reports that rice left standing at room temperature can grow spores of Bacillus cereus. These bacteria multiply and "may produce toxins that cause vomiting or diarrhea."

If you want to avoid food poisoning, here are some tips from the NHS on how to serve rice safely:

· - Serve rice as soon as cooked

· - If you can't eat rice immediately, cool it as quickly as possible

· - Don't keep rice in the fridge for longer than one day before reheating

· - When you reheat rice, always make sure food is steaming hot

· - Do not reheat rice more than once!