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Recalls: Histamine, aflatoxin and perchlorate, by Joe Whitworth, June 15, 2017

Food and beverage alerts were made by USA, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Croatia and Denmark.

We start the gallery with recalls due to undeclared milk. Many companies have been affected as an as yet unnamed company supplied breadcrumbs potentially containing the allergen.

Tyson Foods, Conagra Brands, Advance Pierre Foods and Joseph Seviroli Inc are some of the firms affected.

Pasta Vera has recalled gluten-free lasagne in New Zealand as it contains gluten and was incorrectly labelled as gluten-free.

Croatian authorities are the latest to sound a warning due to histamine levels in tuna. Since the start of June, Poland and the Netherlands have reported foodborne outbreaks and Italy has made a number of notifications in the RASFF portal.

Initia Food has recalled pistachios in Belgium due to elevated aflatoxin content and Delhaize withdrew salad in Luxembourg because of perchlorate levels.

Ultima Foods recalled yogurt products that could contain plastic in Canada, the same foreign body was behind action in Austria by Iglo and Dansk Supermarked withdrew chicken fillets due to possible metal and plastic contamination.

Sandwich and baguette products were recalled in England because of incorrect soya and barley allergen labelling and Unilever also took action due to incorrect allergen labelling in the UK and Ireland. 

Finally, potential STEC in cheese led to a recall in Germany of cheese made in France and Listeria monocytogenes potential in sprouts was behind action in the US by Happy Sprout Inc.