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Chipotle to retrain all workers on food safety after hundreds fall ill in Ohio; Nathan Bomey;; August 16, 2018

Salmonella Outbreak in Canada Linked to Frozen Breaded Chicken Grows to 84 Sick; Linda Larsen;; August 15, 2018

Is That a Beet or a Banana? Unwrapping Food Fraud in the Produce Industry; Will Daniels;; August/September, 2018

More People Sick in Salmonella Outbreak Traced to Raw, Frozen Chicken Products; Coral Beach;; August 15, 2018

Unexpected effects of climate change: worse food safety, more car wrecks; Susan Scutti;; August 13, 2018

Restaurant grading showing significant improvement to food safety; Michael Charlebois;; August 11, 2018

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 12 restaurants and bakeries fail to get green pass;; August 10, 2018

Dole baby spinach recalled over listeria concerns; Tania Kohut;; August 8, 2018

6 ways to avoid food-safety problems; Aaron Cohen;; August 8, 2018

The best of times for shellfish harvest, the worst of times for shellfish harvest; Cookson Beecher;; August 8, 2018

How To Succeed At Food Safety; Francine Shaw;; August 6, 2018

Food safety awareness declining in Canada; parents’ role stressed;; August 4, 2018

Cooking oil may help prevent spread of foodborne illnesses: researchers; Peter Cameron; The Canadian Press; August 3, 2018

CFIA issues new requirements aimed at reducing salmonella in frozen food products; Josh Lewis;; August 3, 2018

B.C. scientists develop affordable, hand-held tool for testing salmonella; Melanie Green; StarMetro Vancouver; August 1, 2018

Maple Leaf Foods advances world-leading animal care practices with Controlled Atmosphere Stunning and Remote Video Auditing at its Edmonton poultry facility;; August 1, 2018

Everything you need to know about fresh produce and E. coli; Jeffrey M. Farber;; June/July 2018

Pregnant mom served cleaning solution instead of latte at southern Alberta McDonald's; Lara Fominoff;; July 31, 2018

Pregnant mom served cleaning solution instead of latte at southern Alberta McDonald's; Lara Fominoff; LethbridgenewsNOW; July 31, 2018

Canada: Food Businesses Face Extensive New Requirements For Food Safety In Canada; Alice Tseng; Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh; July 31, 2018

Food businesses face extensive new requirements for food safety in Canada;; July 30, 2018

Do Canadians know enough about food safety? Survey says no; The Canadian Press; July 30, 2018

CDC posts numbers on US outbreaks; chicken sickens the most; Food Safety News; July 30, 2018

From Ritz crackers to McDonald's salads, food recalls — and safety questions — are on the rise; Amelia Lucas; CNBC; July 29, 2018

Do Canadians know enough about food safety? Federal survey says No; Jordan Press; The Canadian Press; July 29, 2018

Updated Food Recall Warning (Allergen) - Wulama brand Fish Tofu and Want Want brand Shake Jelly products recalled due to undeclared allergens; Canadian Food Inspection Agency; July 27, 2018

Whey to go: 3 food recalls linked to contaminated whey powder;; July 25, 2018

In wake of Goldfish recall, 5 things to know about salmonella; Kate Thayer;; July 24, 2018

Children are being harmed by food additives, U.S. pediatric association warns; Carly Weeks;; July 23, 2018

Mars Food Canada voluntarily withdrawing UNCLE BEN'S® Fast & Fancy® Broccoli and Cheddar and Fast & Fancy® Country Chicken flavoured rice;; July 21, 2018

Saskatchewan ‘Hogfest’ linked to salmonella outbreak;; July 21, 2018

Man Dies Of Flesh-Eating Bacteria From Eating Raw Oysters: Safety Reminders To Avoid Vibrio Infections From Oysters; Athena Chan;; July 21, 2018

Public Safety Notice: Loblaw recalling select No Name® Chicken Nuggets;; July 20, 2018

107 countries received frozen vegetables recalled for Listeria; Joe Whitworth;; July 19, 2018

Boiling during home canning won’t prevent botulism poisoning; Kelsey M. Makin;; July 16, 2018

Here’s Why You Should Never Wash Chicken Before Cooking It; Bridget McCusker;; July 15, 2018

Tim Hortons testing delivery;; July 15, 2018

Frozen berries recalled across Canada over salmonella risk;; July 14, 2018

We look at restaurant workers to gauge food safety; Austin Fitzgerald-Missouri;; July 12, 2018

Gary Acuff wants to know: Where do you put your chopsticks?; Coral Beach;; July 9, 2018

Teens can learn food safety habits, but reinforcement needed; Kelsey M. Mackin;; July 9, 2018

Is a food vendor clean? Check the condiments, says microbiologist;; July 8, 2018

Canadian researchers develop strip to show if food is spoiled; Karen Graham;; July 8, 2018

The 4 Cs: how to avoid food-borne illness during barbecue season;; July 7, 2018

UBC scientists say E. coli bacteria could be the future of solar power; Matt Humphrey;; July 6, 2018

Nunavut is still struggling to post food inspection reports online; Nick Murray;; July 6, 2018

Canadian food safety regulations praised for flexibility; Tom Karst;; July 5, 2018

Got food poisoning? Think twice before you blame that restaurant; Corey Mintz;; July 5, 2018

Accessible washrooms should include everyone’: N.S. human rights inquiry begins; Alexa Maclean;; July 5, 2018

Profit vs. prudence: Food sector prepares for edible cannabis; Sylvain Charlebois;; July 4, 2018

The Butcher’s Blend Ground Beef Recalled in Canada for Possible E. coli O157 Contamination; Linda Larsen;; July 3, 2018

What To Consider When Developing A Facility Food Safety Plan; Adam Serfas;; July 2, 2018

Canada Day and Fourth of July food safety fun; Ben Chapman; Barfblog; July 1, 2018

42: Tea towels a source of bacteria in kitchen; Doug Powell; Barfblog; June 30, 2018

Reducing food waste is good, but is it safe?; Doug Powell; Barfblog; June 30, 2018

Deadly E. coli outbreak in lettuce traced to contaminated water; Sandee LaMotte;; June 29, 2018

Listeria concern prompts recall of microgreens sold in the Maritimes; Rebecca Lau;; June 29, 2018

Important to know where your food comes from; Kim Cooper;; June 28, 2018

Canada declares E. coli outbreak over; no new details from U.S.; Coral Beach;; June 27, 2018

Canadian study finds majority of teenagers need food safety education; George Smith; New Food Magazine; June 27, 2018

Study says: Communication is most important skill for public-health types;  Doug Powell; Barfblog; June 26, 2018

DINE SAFE YORK: Vaughan pizzeria charged by public health inspectors; Adam Martin-Robbins;; June 25, 2018

Our food-safety regulations need a technological boost; Lawrence Goodridge;; June 25, 2018

Probiotics as a means to improve the safety of cantaloupes; Robert Mancini; Barfblog; June 21, 2018

Saskatchewan seniors knowingly served roast seasoned with hand cleaner; The Canadian Press; June 21, 2018

Canada reports more ill in outbreak traced to frozen chicken;; June 20, 2018

Can You Get Food Poisoning From People Instead of Food?; Jesse Hirsch,; June 20, 2018

UBC study finds up to one-quarter of fish products in Metro Vancouver are fraudulently labelled; Craig Takeuchi,; June 18, 2018

Public Health Notice - Update - Outbreak of Salmonella infections linked to poultry, including frozen raw breaded chicken products;; June 18, 2018

Now Real Food brand Zesty Sprouting Mix recalled because it may be contaminated with Salmonella; Village Media,; June 17, 2018

CFIA’s new food regulations miss the boat on seafood traceability; GLOBE NEWSWIRE; June 15, 2018

New rules for Canada’s food safety aim for faster recalls, less bureaucracy; Rebecca Joseph;; June 13, 2018

Ten P.E.I. food businesses receive health inspector warnings; Dave Stewart;; June 10, 2018

Human behavior and corporate culture may have impact on hygiene, food safety;; June 7, 2018

Food allergy risk: Lupin must now be identified in meals (New Zealand); Doug Powell;; June 7, 2018

FDA Provides Insight on Deadly Multistate E. coli Outbreak Linked with Romaine Lettuce; Kristi Rosa;; June 6, 2018

Tackling common myths around food best-before dates; Tina Yazdani;; June 5, 2018

Norovirus inside leafy greens; Doug Powell; Barfblog; June 3, 2018

Canadian Salmonella outbreak traced to raw, frozen chicken; Coral Beach;; June 3, 2018

Is consumer confidence in leafy greens wilting?; Jessi Devenyns;; June 1, 2018

No Name chicken burgers recalled after salmonella outbreak; Monique Scotti;; June 1, 2018

Best-before dates linked to massive amounts of Canadian food waste: study; Bob Weber;; May 30, 2018

No quick or easy answers for using raw manure on food crops; Cookson Beecher;; May 30, 2018

Using observation to evaluate training: Canadian High School edition; Ben Chapman; barfblog; May 29, 2018

Here Are 5 Ways to Avoid Norovirus on Your Summer Vacation; Elizabeth Pratt;; May 29, 2018

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Bread on the Counter (and Where to Store it Instead);; May 29, 2018

My leafy green conundrum; Ben Chapman; barfblog; May 25, 2018

Make leafy greens “high risk” and chase them down quickly, say consumer groups; Dan Flynn;; May 25, 2018

It’s Not the Mayonnaise: Food Safety Myths & Summertime Food; Ben Chapman; barfblog; May 24, 2018

Oh rats! Food safety inspectors are more lenient toward restaurants as the day goes on; H. Claire Brown;; May 24, 2018

Creating a Food Safety Culture; Rada Tarnovsky;; May 24, 2018

Canadians confused about GM foods, support mandatory labelling: study; Adina Bresge; The Canadian Press; May 24, 2018

Smartphone Tech Can Help Stop Food Poisoning Before It Happens;; May 24, 2018

It’s not the water I’m worried about; Doug Powell; Barfblog; May 23, 2018

Why food-safety attorney in $650M outbreak lawsuits doesn't eat bagged lettuce; David Robinson;; May 23, 2018

The Future of Food Safety: A Q&A with Walmart’s Frank Yiannas; Mahni Ghorashi;; May 23, 2018

'There seems to be a pattern': Shoppers, experts concerned by Adonis hep A recalls; Joe Lofaro; CBC News; May 20, 2018

Possibly contaminated foods recalled from Gatineau grocery store; Bruce Deachman;; May 20, 2018

Who throws poop? This Canadian woman at a Tim Hortons; Doug Powell; Barfblog; May 19, 2018

As officials give all-clear on romaine E. coli outbreak, contamination remains a mystery; Kelly Crowe;; May 19, 2018

Drinking E. coli for science; Doug Powell; Barfblog; May 18, 2018

Smoked Fish Products Sold from Four Seasons Marketplace in Canada Recalled for Botulism; Linda Larsen;; May 18, 2018




Human Fatigue: A Hidden Food Safety Hazard; Joe Balas;; May 15, 2018

Botulism risk prompts recall of Canadian smoked salmon;; May 15, 2018

Cheese implicated in French outbreak recalled in Canada; Coral Beach;; May 15, 2018

Norovirus likely from sewage discharge during herring run;; May 14, 2018

The pain of E. coli O157: Walkerton survivor ends his life; Doug Powell; Barfblog; May 12, 2018

E. coli outbreak: Should Canadians keep eating romaine lettuce?; Leslie Young;; May 11, 2018

People are the secret weapon in the war on foodborne illnesses; Coral Beach;; May 11, 2018

Cara Reports Q1 2018 Results Led by Solid Same Store Sales Growth; CNW; May 10, 2018

It’s here, get used to it; Coral Beach;; May 10, 2018

E. coli in romaine lettuce makes 6 Canadians sick; The Canadian Press; May 10, 2018

Just cook it doesn’t cut it: Campy in veal liver; Doug Powell; barfblog; May 9, 2018

What are they doing when nobody is watching?; Coral Beach;; May 9, 2018

Food Fraud Requires Companies to Think Like a Criminal; Juliani Kitakawa;; May 8, 2018

Alberta meat retailers struggling amid E. coli outbreak;; May 8, 2018

Pins found in pepperoni sticks, sausage sold in B.C.; Doug Powell; barfblog; May 7, 2018

Take care with greens; Patricia West-Barker;; May 4, 2018

This Could Explain How Harmful Bacteria Keep Sneaking Onto Our Plates; Jason Tetro;; May 4, 2018

Canada continues to monitor deadly E. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce in U.S.; Adam Frisk;; May 4, 2018

2018 NSF Canadian Food Safety Recognition Awards;; May 3, 2018

Don't wash your chicken or turkey before cooking; Robert Mancini; barfblog; May 2, 2018

Updated Food Recall Warning - Certain K&K Foodliner brand pork schnitzel products recalled due to E. coli O157:H7;; May 2, 2018

CFIA updates best-by on recalled microgreens;; May 1, 2018

U.S. joins Canada in investigation of outbreak linked to oysters;; May 1, 2018

Canada norovirus outbreak grows: 172 cases from three provinces;; April 28, 2018

Leafy greens industry says outbreak is opportunity to learn; Coral Beach;; April 28, 2018

What people need to know about E. coli and food recalls; Jane Skrypnek;; April 28, 2018

Leafy greens industry says outbreak is opportunity to learn; Coral Beach;; April 28, 2018

1 dead, 36 sick with E. coli O157:H7 in Canada, linked to pork from meat shop in central Alberta; Doug Powell; barfblog; April 27, 2018

$15M class action lawsuit launched over E. coli contamination; Lydia Neufeld;; April 27, 2018

Why E. coli keeps getting into our lettuce; Caitlin Dewey;; April 27, 2018

Listeria problems with soft cheeses increasing in the U.S.;; April 27, 2018

More pork products recalled after E. coli outbreak in Edmonton region;; April 26, 2018

This Is A Better Way to Manage Food Safety Across Restaurant Chains;; April 26, 2018

CFIA issues recall for certain microgreens sold in British Columbia, Alberta; Gord Macdonald;; April 25, 2018

Raw Pork Sold at The Meat Shop at Pine Haven in Alberta, CA Recalled for E. coli O157:H7; Linda Larsen;; April 25, 2018

All the news just repeats itself: Leafy greens in public; Doug Powell; Barfblog; April 24, 2018

How Close Are We To A Cure For Food Allergies?; Matthew Halliday; Chatelaine; April 24, 2018

No recall of romaine in Canada, but CFIA keeping tabs on E. coli outbreak in U.S.;; April 23, 2018

Scientist creates faster way to fingerprint foodborne pathogens;; April 23, 2018

A foodborne illness outbreak could cost a restaurant millions, study suggests; Doug Powell; barfblog; April 22, 2018

Raw is risky: Salmonella growth on sprouts and microgreens; Doug Powell; barfblog; April 22, 2018

No excuses: eat your greens, and in Canada that includes Romaine;; April 21, 2018

Mouse poop confrontation permanently closes Saint John deli; Julia Wright;; April 20, 2018

One death likely linked to E. coli outbreak in Edmonton, health officials say;; April 20, 2018

Norovirus outbreak in Canada — here’s what’s triggering the vomiting bug; Maham Abedi;; April 19, 2018

A Long, Long History of Outbreaks Linked to Leafy Greens; Bill Marler;; April 19, 2018

Health Canada food recalls issued for multiple lunch products sold in Newfoundland and Labrador; The Telegram; April 19, 2018

Case count in Canadian oyster norovirus outbreak doubles;; April 18, 2018

People are sick: Frozen strawberries grown in Egypt recalled because of hep A in Canada; Doug Powell; barfblog; April 17, 2018

Tim Hortons to Move Head Office to Toronto;; April 17, 2018

Pfizer Canada and Health Canada have released new updates regarding the EpiPen® and EpiPen® Jr supply constraints in Canada;; April 12, 2018

Oyster farms in British Columbia closed due after norovirus outbreak; Christine Blank;; April 12, 2018

Foodborne Illnesses and Recalls on the Rise; Francine L. Shaw;; April 12, 2018

People barfing: Listeria in Deli Classic brand Seasoned Cooked Roast Beef Round in Canada; Doug Powell; barfblog; April 10, 2018

How a Wonky Tech Term Could Mean the End of Foodborne Illness; Elizabeth Laseter;; April 10, 2018

Recall of pre-cooked roast beef spreads to additional provinces including Alberta, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador; The Canadian Press; April 10, 2018

Norovirus outbreak closes two British Columbia oyster farms; ; April 10, 2018

Raw is risky: At least 40 sick linked to 2 Canadian oyster farms; Doug Powell; barfblog ; April 9, 2018

Spring thaw leaves Canadian crusaders steaming over poop; Doug Powell; barfblog ; April 9, 2018

Canadian E. coli cases believed to have been caused by deer meat; Doug Powell; barfblog ; April 9, 2018

Updated Food Recall Warning - Deli Classic brand Seasoned Cooked Roast Beef Round recalled due to Listeria monocytogenes;; April 9, 2018

HACCP Principle No. 7: Compliance requires the right records; Laura Mushrush;; April 9, 2018

Making food safe without using chemicals;; April 8, 2018

Your milk is safe, Gerry Byrne tells consumers; Rob Antle;; April 6, 2018

Transparent patch designed to detect pathogens like E. coli in packaged foods; Sheryl Ubelacker; The Canadian Press; April 6, 2018

First it was 5, now 19 sick in E. coli outbreak linked to Edmonton restaurant; Doug Powell; barfblog; April 5, 2018

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 12 restaurants fail to get green pass from TPH; Press; April 5, 2018

Most food-borne illnesses occur at home, but consumers don't feel responsible: study; Morgan Lowrie; The Canadian Press; April 5, 2018

Go ahead, bend your elbows for that morning fix: Coffee’s OK; Kelsey M. Mackin;; April 5, 2018

Most Canadians unaware of recent, major food recalls, survey finds; Ann Hui;; April 5, 2018

How Chefs with Food Allergies Are Raising the Food Safety Bar; Lindsay Burgess;; April 3, 2018

The Reality of Intentional Food Contamination Threats; Robert A. Norton;; April 3, 2018

Masstown Market smoked fish under recall due to possible toxin; Rebecca Lau;; April 2, 2018

Smoked fish products recalled in Canada; botulism possible;; March 31, 2018

'It's horrible': Woman who suffered E. coli poisoning wants Edmonton restaurant shut down; Travis McEwan;; March 30, 2018

Runs to the border: People are still terrified to eat at Chipotle; Doug Powell; barfblog; March 30, 2018

Salmonella outbreak from raw chicken products leads to 30 cases in Canada;; March 29, 2018

E. coli in Tavistock Canada; Doug Powell; barfblog; March 29, 2018

Canada’s Salmonella investigation sparks chicken nugget recall;; March 28, 2018

Illnesses prompt testing, recall of deli roast beef in Canada;; March 28, 2018

Stewart Parnell gets new appellate attorney; seeks more time; Dan Flynn;; March 27, 2018

Kids, kids, the FoodNet data is back; Doug Powell; barfblog; March 26, 2018

HACCP Principle No. 5: Establish, execute corrective actions; Laura Mushrush;; March 26, 2018

Does the microwave zap food of its nutrients?; Marilisa Racco;; March 25, 2018

E. coli O157:H7 findings trigger multiple beef recalls in Canada;; March 23, 2018

Restaurants Canada - Alberta Budget provides no relief for struggling restaurateurs;; March 23, 2018

Patients at cancer center hit by Listeria from hospital deli;; March 23, 2018

Salmonella Enteritidis Outbreak in Canada Linked to Poultry Sickens 30; Linda Larsen;; March 23, 2018

Three cases of Listeria linked to deli meats sold at restaurant in Toronto hospital; Doug Powell; barfblog; March 22, 2018

Confirmed cases of vibrio cholerae on Vancouver Island linked to herring eggs;; March 22, 2018

AHS warns those who ate at Grey Nuns Hospital after worker diagnosed with hepatitis A;; March 22, 2018

Paramount Fine Foods recognized for their work with newcomers to Canada;; March 21, 2018

Advocate for Change to Establish a Food Safety Culture; Jordan Anderson;; March 20, 2018

Food poisoning is awful, and it is more common than you think. Why does it happen, and what can you do about it?; Jorg Marian;; March 19, 2018

HACCP Principles: No. 4 Details matter — as does training; Laura Mushrush;; March 19, 2018

Ground beef for meal-kit company recalled after E. coli test;; March 19, 2018

30 sick from Salmonella linked to raw frozen chicken thingies in Canada; Doug Powell; Barfblog; March 18, 2018

Publisher’s Platform: Free Advice to a Food Company CEO during a Listeria Outbreak – Specifically Tiger Brands – Enterprise CEO, Lawrence MacDougall; Bill Marler;; March 17, 2018

Norovirus is is a foodborne and person-to-person problem; Ben Chapman; barfblog; March 14, 2018

Scientists may have new weapon to fight Listeria;; March 14, 2018

Fruit flies can transfer foodborne pathogens; Doug Powell; barfblog; March 13, 2018

The Government of Canada is working with the poultry industry to reduce the risk of Salmonella illness from frozen raw breaded chicken products;; March 13, 2018

The New Normal: Pinpointing Unusual Sources of Food Contamination; Martin Easter;; March 12, 2018

Food safety culture leads sector challenges: GFSI; Michelle Perrett;; March 12, 2018

HACCP Principles: No. 3 Set limits for critical control points; Laura Mushrus;; March 12, 2018

Rats, rodenticides and what’s right;; March 12, 2018

Latest update: EpiPen® and EpiPen® Jr auto-injector supply interruption; Food Allergy Canada; March 9, 2018

Apparently you shouldn't eat lunch at your desk; Robert Mancini; barfblog; March 8, 2018

Organic Mushroom Soup Recalled in Canada for Possible Botulism;; March 8, 2018

Here's the Best Way to Protect Yourself from a Norovirus Outbreak; Rachael Rettner;; March 7, 2018

How Easy are Your Food Safety Practices?; Juan Martinez;; March 6, 2018

Still need a better descriptor: Cross-contamination and cutting boards; Doug Powell; Barfblog; March 6, 2018

Soup sold at Belleville, Ontario farmers' market recalled; Ben Chapman; barfblog; March 6, 2018

A robot will be cooking your food at CaliBurger; Robert Mancini; barfblog; March 5, 2018

HACCP Principles: No. 2 identify critical control points; Laura Mushrush;; March 5, 2018

Canada feds pledge $175,000 for food safety and standards; Tom Karst;; March 1, 2018

Positive E. coli test in Sudbury drinking water found to be incorrect;; March 1, 2018

Ikea recalling marshmallow candies due to mice infestation; Alex Gagne;; February 28, 2018

Cara Completes Merger with The Keg;; February 27, 2018

E. coli spread in cattle caused by water troughs; Rob Mancini; barfblog; February 27, 2018

Minimum wage hikes serving up uncertainty in food industry; Sylvain Charlebois;; February 27, 2018

HACCP Principles: No. 1 conduct a hazard analysis; Laura Mushrush;; February 26, 2018

Toronto’s Cheesecake Factory passes health inspection after failing last week; Alina Bykova;; February 26, 2018

MTY Provides Update on Pending Acquisition of Imvescor; Kostuch Media Ltd.; February 21, 2018

Walmart, Loblaw, Metro recall popcorn in Canada; insects found;; February 21, 2018

The Future of Food Safety for the Foodservice Industry; FoodSafety Magazine; February 20, 2018

Please note the following updates regarding the supply of EpiPen® and EpiPen® Jr in Canada; Food Allergy Canada; February 20, 2018

Scientists urge regulators to revisit 60-day rule for raw gouda; Coral Beach;; February 20, 2018

New class of antibiotics may be capable of killing superbugs; Robert Mancini; barfblog; February 16, 2018

MTY to acquire Timothy’s World Coffee and Mmmuffins; Kostuch Media Ltd.; February 15, 2018

Congratulations Marler-Clark on 20 years of food safety advocacy; Marion Nestle;; February 15, 2018

A New Approach to Solving the Problem of Sprout Safety;; February-March 2018

N.S. to hire environment prosecutor to 'hold people and companies accountable'; The Canadian Press; February 14 2018

Recall issued after Vancouver teen's allergic reaction to cookies with undeclared peanuts;; February 14, 2018

Control of Listeria monocytogenes on Food-Contact and Noncontact Surfaces by Antimicrobial Coatings;; February-March 2018

Too Much Power to the People? A Food Safety Site Tests the Limits; Kevin Roose;; February 13, 2018

Hosts on a viral planet: Ancient virus could be the reason humans can think; Doug Powell; barfblog; February 12, 2018

Hundreds of food safety violations cited at P.E.I. eateries since 2014; Sally Pitt;; February 12, 2018

Unhealthy batch of raspberries could possibly be why 100s of Quebecers have been sick final summer time, report says;; February 11, 2018

Peter Rabbit: Calls for Sony Pictures to apologise after food allergy 'bullying' scene in new movie;; February 11, 2018

Study Claims Rexall Place Has Worst Food Safety Record At Major Canadian Venues;; February 11, 2018

Walmart’s Frank Yiannas identifies ‘mega trends’ for food safety professionals; Joan Murphy;; February 8, 2018

Concerns raised about young people’s poor food safety knowledge as the academic year begins, Australian version; Robert Mancini; barfblog; February 8, 2018

Biology is cool: How Salmonella die at low temps; Doug Powell; barfblog; February 7, 2018

Hygiene hypothesis: We're not smart enough, but go ahead, the importance of infants' exposure to microorganisms; Doug Powell; barfblog; February 6, 2018

Chipotle has a plan to regain customers it keeps losing to food safety issues; Sarah Whitten;; February 6, 2018

Five years of data show bacteria-related food recalls increasing; Coral Beach;; February 6, 2018

Journal of Food Protection Looks at 2013 Outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 Linked to Raw Milk Cheese in Canada;; February 6, 2018

What Changed the Game for Food Defense?; Robert A. Norton;; February 6, 2018

Innovation Unleashed: RC Show 2018 reveals ground breaking products & technology;; February 5, 2018

Chipotle's brand perception is worse than during the 2015 food-safety crisis; Sarah Whitte;; February 2, 2018

Canadian inspectors find Listeria; Sawler recalls turnip sticks;; February 1, 2018

Effectiveness of flu shot under 20 per cent for dominant strain this season: experts; The Canadian Press; February 1, 2018

Trial date delayed in bad-clams case; Julia Wright;; February 1, 2018

New report emerges detailing seafood mislabeling in Canada; Christine Blank;; January 31, 2018

Health Canada recalls Farmers milk products after presence of sanitizer detected; Alexander Quon;; January 31, 2018

Farmers milk and cream products recalled after exposure to cleaning product; Marina von Stackelberg;; January 30, 2018

New research boosts food safety in artisanal meats;; January 30, 2018

Canada recalls more frozen coconut linked to U.S. outbreak; Coral Beach;; January 30, 2018

DINE SAFE PEEL: Peel Health hands out warnings to four establishments;; January 30, 2018

Scientists discover how Giardia makes people ill; Robert Mancini; Barfblog; January 29, 2018

HelloFresh recalls meal kits over potential salmonella contamination;; January 27, 2018

Most have clear vision for improving food safety – survey; Joseph James Whitworth;; January 26, 2018

Circuit court denies all Peanut Corp. of America criminal appeals; Dan Flynn;; January 23, 2018

Peterborough Public Health investigating suspected case of food poisoning from Apsley school function; Lance Anderson;; January 22, 2018

How to keep your fresh produce safe to eat; Chris Enroth;; January 21, 2018

Chemical imaging technology to improve P.E.I. potato safety;; January 20, 2018

Global News investigates: Improper food handling ‘a time bomb waiting to happen’; Julia Wong;; January 19, 2018

Foul-tasting Farmers milk investigated; Bill Spurr;; January 19, 2018

Small' hepatitis A risk for public after Saskatoon-area café worker handled food; The Canadian Press; January 19, 2018

Inspectors found foreign workers sleeping in a Burger King basement: Alberta Health Services; The Canadian Press; January 17, 2018

CDC says contaminated coconut could still be in homes, stores; Coral Beach;; January 17, 2018

Regina man says he found wood chips in soup purchased at Costco; Alex Soloducha;; January 17, 2018

More Cases Of E-Coli Reported In the US; Liz Daunton;; January 17, 2018

After the E. coli outbreak: How to minimize the risk of food poisoning; Sara Fraser;; January 14, 2018

8 pantry staples that expire sooner than you think; Arti Patel;; January 13, 2018

Not on tap: 'Raw water' could transmit potentially deadly pathogens: experts warn; Sheryl Ubelacker;; January 12, 2018

Thunder Bay health unit says 1st year public food safety scores a success; Matt Prokopchuk;; January 11, 2018

Canada declares outbreak over; CDC, FDA still investigating; Coral Beach;; January 10, 2018

E. coli outbreak tied to romaine declared over in Canada; Lisa Jennings;; January 10, 2018

Court shuts down large raw milk co-op; advocate done fighting;; January 10, 2018

Too soon to blame romaine lettuce for E. coli outbreak, CDC says; Maggie Fox;; January 10, 2018

Food Safety 101 – How to handle and defrost meat;; January 9, 2018

Foodservice workers should be vaccinated against Hepatitis A; Bill Marler;; January 7, 2018

Are you handling your food safely? One expert says probably not; January 6, 2018

Costco recalls some Kirkland Signature croissants that may contain plastic; The Canadian Press; January 6, 2018

Risk of hepatitis from Safeway doughnuts low; Bruce Campbell;; January 5, 2018

How Long Does It Actually Take to Get Food Poisoning From a Sketchy Meal?; Emily Shiffer;; January 5, 2018

The 9 Foods Most Likely to Make You Sick; Cindy Kuzma;; January 5, 2018

'When in doubt, throw it out,' what can you eat after a power outage; Meghan Groff;; January 5, 2018

Stay away from romaine lettuce for now, consumer group warns; Craig Johnson;; January 4, 2018

E. coli victim dies in U.S. but feds can’t discuss investigation; Coral Beach;; January 3, 2018

Sobeys pulls romaine lettuce off shelves amid E. coli outbreak; The Canadian Press; January 3, 2018

Some restaurant chains stop serving romaine lettuce amid E. coli outbreak; Aleksandra Sagan; The Canadian Press; January 3, 2018

CA and US E. coli – Will 2 Outbreaks Become 1?; Heather Williams;; December 31, 2017

Okotoks Safeway Employee Handling Donuts Diagnosed With Hepatitis A;; December 30, 2017

Pre-made sandwiches recalled over Listeria fears; The Canadian Press; December 29, 2017

DINE SAFE YORK: Public health inspectors charge 4 eating establishments; Adam Martin-Robbins;; December 27, 2017

E. Coli Outbreak In Canada, Women At Higher Risk;; December 23, 2017

E. coli outbreak from lettuce shows problems with produce traceability: expert; Daniela Germano; The Canadian Press; December 22, 2017

Top food safety stories include regs, recalls, respects this year; Dan Flynn;; December 22, 2017

Canadians warned to avoid romaine lettuce until further notice; Coral Beach; foodsafetynews; December 21, 2017

Chipotle Stock Plunges After Reports of Vomiting Employees at L.A. Restaurant;; December 20, 2017

These Common Holiday Foods Can Actually Be Dangerous For Kids; Natalie Stechyson;; December 19, 2017

How to Save on Emergency Supplies - Disaster Prep on a Budget; Monique Dugaw;; December 2017

E. coli outbreak: What Canadians should know about washing, eating lettuce; Maham Abedi;; December 15, 2017

E. coli outbreak linked to lettuce leaves 1 dead, health officials say;; December 14, 2017

Steam with your melons? If it makes produce safer, why not; Doug Powell; Barfblog; December 12, 2017

21 sick with E. coli O157 from Romaine lettuce in Canada: What says LGMA?; Doug Powell; Barfblog; December 12, 2017

Imvescor to be Acquired by MTY; Danielle Schalk;; December 12, 2017

E. coli outbreak in three provinces linked to romaine lettuce;; December 12, 2017

VIP Caviar Club Trout Roe Botulism Recall in Canada Has Been Updated; Linda Larsen;; December 11, 2017

Food and drink industry second most affected by product recalls, new research shows; George Smith;; December 6, 2017

Six Food Safety Tips to Achieving a Successful Food Safety Program; Josh Onishi;; December 5, 2017

Transparency, temperature, tenacity can tame FSMA terrors; Ron Chapek;; December 2, 2017

Oceana finds more seafood mislabeling in Canada; Christine Blank;; November 30, 2017

New proposed changes to the Regulations under the Health Protection and Promotion Act in Ontario; Robert Mancini; Barfblog; November 30, 2017

Outbreaks in Quebec, Twin Cities traced to Chinese raspberries; Phyllis Entis;; November 28, 2017

Pop-up turkey thermometers can suck; Ben Chapman; Barfblog; November 27, 2017

2 women set out on territory-wide journey for Nunavut's char and seal recipes;; November 27, 2017

Egg man starts 3-month term as ‘responsible corporate official’; Dan Flynn;; November 24, 2017

The inspection gap: Big business, big problem for Nova Scotia’s food establishments;; November 23, 2017

The inspection gap: Why owners and safety experts want restaurants to be inspected; Alexander Quon;; November 22, 2017

N.S. restaurants can go 6 years without inspections: Global News investigation; Alexander Quon;; November 21, 2017

The vomit machine lives on; norovirus can aerosolize during vomit events; Ben Chapman; barfblog; November 20, 2017

Nunavut creates country food safety guidelines to boost traditional menus across territory; Priscilla Hwang;; November 19, 2017

'We should expect to see another outbreak': Reports of illnesses from Chipotle are soaring; Hayley Peterson;; November 18, 2017

Breeding Resistant Chickens for Improved Food Safety;; November 16, 2017

Campylobacter uses other organisms to multiply and spread; Robert Mancini; barfblog; November 15, 2017

Agropur Cooperative Recalls Comte Cheese for Possible Listeria Monocytogenes in Canada; Linda Larsen;; November 15, 2017

Food safety risks, costs, waste likely to increase in ‘clean’ era; Dan Flynn;; November 14, 2017

Food Allergen Standards: Do Canadian Labelling Requirements Fall Short?; Marilyn Allen;; November 10, 2017

Nunavut Tim Hortons’ decrepit bathrooms finally getting a makeover; Lisa Gregoire;; November 10, 2017

What's in your water? — Do you scrub-a-dub? — What is 'sugar glass' and why should you care?;; November 10, 2017

Website Aims to Help Canadians Prepare For an Infectious Disease Outbreak;; November 9, 2017

Chefs’ mad, bad image gets a makeover as kitchen culture changes; Chris Johns;; November 9, 2017

Could Your Cookbook Make You Sick?;; November 9, 2017

Proposed changes to Ontario public health regulations cause concern; Alan S. Hale;; November 9, 2017

Canadian raw milk crusader serving 60 days — on weekends;; November 9, 2017

Global Food Safety Resource to Launch Unique Training Platform in 2018; PRWEB; November 7, 2017

New Study Pinpoints Source of Salmonella in Ground Turkey;; November 7, 2017

Flaked salmon product recalled due to possible Listeria;; November 4, 2017

Chipotle stockholders’ suit says company, CDC kept secrets; Coral Beach;; November 3, 2017

UPDATED: Canada recalls salmon caviar for botulism concerns;; November 3, 2017

Edmonton family warns others to check grapes after finding deadly spider; Sarah Kraus;; November 2, 2017

Maple Leaf recalls chicken breast strips due to possible bacteria; The Canadian Press; November 2, 2017

Millers Await Advancements In Controlling Pathogens in Flour; Ron Sterk;; November 2, 2017

Staphylococcus illnesses prompt recall of frozen chicken strips;; November 2, 2017

Some people sick in Fredericton Junction, where E. coli in water prompts boil order; Bobbi-Jean MacKinnon;; October 31, 2017

Breeding resistant chickens for improved food safety; Jan Suszkiw;; October 31, 2017

Salmonella Outbreak Associated with Raw Tuna: How Does it Get Contaminated?; Linda Larsen;; October 30, 2017

Conservative politicians blame Calgary restaurant closure on all 3 levels of government; Robson Fletcher;; October 27, 2017

65 percent of infant formula, baby food tests positive for arsenic study finds; Mary Claire Patton;; October 26, 2017

Jumped the shark: Food safety culture; Doug Powell; Barfblog; October 26, 2017

New burgers and $1 soda helps McDonald's lure back diners in U.S., Canada and China;; October 25, 2017

The massive food-safety recall that hit Walmart and Trader Joe’s is actually good news; Chase Purdy;; October 23, 2017

Eat peanuts when you're pregnant and NEVER wash a chicken: The 'danger' foods that are actually safe and the ones that are far riskier than you thought; Angela Dowden;; October 21, 2017

Peter DeCoster gets out of federal hospital prison on Monday; Dan Flynn;; October 21, 2017

Canada recalls caviar, smoked fish for botulism concerns;; October 20, 2017

Freshcut veggies recalled across U.S. and Canada for Listeria;; October 20, 2017

Firm ripened Comté cheese recalled in Canada for Listeria;; October 19, 2017

More sick, 1 possible death in Salmonella outbreak in Canada; Coral Beach;; October 19, 2017

Mechanically Tenderized Steak Recalled for E. coli O157:H7; Linda Larsen;; October 18, 2017

From the duh files: 'People are being duped' at Canadian farmers markets; Doug Powell; Barfblog; October 17, 2017

Food Recall Warning - Certain Pacific Oysters recalled due to a marine biotoxin which causes Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP);; October 17, 2017

Yummy Smoked Lake Trout Recalled After Botulism Illness in Canada; Linda Larsen;; October 16, 2017

Serial barfer busted near Toronto; Doug Powell; Barfblog; October 16, 2017

Organic BS: Hucksters make a buck, plead guilty to fraud in Canada; Doug Powell; Barfblog; October 16, 2017

CHARLEBOIS: Feds right to lift prohibition on edible cannabis products; Sylvain Charlebois;; October 5, 2017

Food Safety rapidly evolving in a digital world;; October 3, 2017

Food Recall Warning (Allergen) - Wolfgang Puck brand Creamy Butternut Squash Organic Soup recalled due to undeclared mustard;; October 2, 2017

Montreal food inspectors recall fruit, nut products sold online;; September 30, 2017

13 sick: Another Salmonella outbreak linked to frozen raw chicken thingies; Doug Powell; Barfblog; September 29, 2017

Canadian Salmonella outbreak traced to frozen, raw chicken; Coral Beach;; September 29, 2017

Maybe not so slightly pink: Properly cooked pork chops may contain threat of Listeria and Salmonella for consumers; Doug Powell; Barfblog; September 28, 2017

Millennials Care Less About Food Recalls; Charlie Heller;; September 26, 2017

Joint Canada-U.S. food safety idea floated during NAFTA talks; Dan Flynn;; September 26, 2017

DINE SAFE YORK: Health inspectors charge Markham butcher shop; Adam Martin-Robbins;; September 26, 2017

What do food safety and embalming have in common? Plenty, health inspector says Public health inspector finds common ground in new career in funeral industry; David Thurton;; September 24, 2017

Using 'MasterChef gadget' to cook meat 'sous-vide' is a recipe for food poisoning; Pat Hagan;; September 23, 2017

Washing raw poultry increases cross-contamination; Robert Mancini; Barfblog; September 22, 2017

This teacher's viral hack will convince your kids to wash their hands; Jessica Ankomah; Yahoo Canada Style; September 21, 2017

Fraser Health issue recall for Original Kulfi ice cream sold throughout Surrey; Stephanie Ip;; September 20, 2017

DINE SAFE YORK: Inspectors temporarily close Vaughan restaurant; York Region Health Connection; September 18, 2017

DINE SAFE TORONTO: Which 5 restaurants and food processing plant didn't get a green pass by inspectors;; September 18, 2017

Frozen sausage recalled in Canada, U.S. for undeclared milk;; September 17, 2017

Government of Canada Congratulates CanadaGAP for Food Safety Achievements;; September 15, 2017

According to a Recent Study/Survey … Mid-September 2017 Edition!;; September 15, 2017

City of Toronto Food Handler Certification Form and Fee Requirement Removed!; TrainCan, Inc; September 12, 2017

Are food allergies another branch of clean eating hokum?; Juliana Adelman;; September 12, 2017

Bad advice: Cook poultry thoroughly; Robert Mancini; Barfblog; September 12, 2017

Experts to collaborate on national food policy at U of Guelph this week;; September 11, 2017

Chicken sashimi is risky; and gross; Ben Chapman; Barfblog; September 7, 2017

How a Canadian-made paper strip could revolutionize E. coli testing; Graham Slaughter;; September 7, 2017

How Current World Threats May Impact Food Safety; Robert Norton;; September 7, 2017

24 sick with campy from pig roast in Guelph; Doug Powell; Barfblog; September 6, 2017

Recall of tainted pineapple products expanded in BC; Sarah Simpson;; September 6, 2017

AHS confirms three more cases of salmonella connected to Folk Fest food booth; Travis McEwan;; September 5, 2017

Edmonton teen has emergency surgery after Folk Fest food poisoning; Emily Rendell-Watson;; September 4, 2017

Hepatitis A found in fresh cut pineapple in British Columbia; Coral Beach;; September 3, 2017

Salmonella risk spurs breading/batter mix recall in Canada;; September 3, 2017

35 inspectors responsible for 5,000 restaurants in Central Alberta;; August 25, 2017

Hurricane Harvey brings food safety challenges to millions; U.S. Department of Agriculture; August 25, 2017

'It's a very complex subject': Food scientist weighs in on Carl's Jr. violations caught on camera; Stephen Hunt; CBC News; August 24, 2017

Disgusting behaviour' caught on video at fast food restaurant in Red Deer, Alta.; Carolyn Dunn; CBC News; August 23, 2017

DINE SAFE YORK: 2 Markham restaurants closed, 9 businesses charged;; August 22, 2017

Student Inventors Create Smartphone Case That Administers Epinephrine; Mariam Matti; Allergic Living Magazine; August 22, 2017

Employees shut down popular Toronto poutine shop citing ‘unsafe working conditions’; Erica Vella; Global News; August 22, 2017

New food safety rules may drive weed-eating goats out of Edmonton, herder says; CBC News; August 21, 2017

New vaccine fights illnesses and improves food safety; Alberta Farmer; August 17, 2017

High Liner revenue drops due to product recalls; James Risdon; Herald Business; August 15, 2017

High Liner revenue drops due to product recalls; James Risdon; Herald Business; August 15, 2017

DINE SAFE YORK: Markham restaurant receives closure order, 5 others charged; Markham Economist & Sun; August 15, 2017

Toronto Public Health warns of possible Hepatitis A exposure at Scarborough restaurant; Joshua Freeman;; August 14, 2017

Canada-U.S. in talks about inspection system equivalencies; News Desk; August 14, 2017

EU: 17 nations get tainted eggs, products in growing scandal; Lorne Cook; The Associated Press; August 11, 2017

Food Recall Warning - Raspberry mousse cakes recalled due to norovirus; CNW; August 11, 2017

Trunk Trade: Unlicensed food market quietly growing in Richmond BC; Daisy Xiong; Richmond News; August 11, 2017

BBQ safety: How to know your meat is cooked & other tips; Phil Heidenreich;; August 8, 2017

E. coli worry prompts Costco in B.C. to recall broccoli florettes;; August 4, 2017

First genetically engineered salmon sold in Canada;; August 4, 2017

Unlabeled meat found in 20% of sausages tested in Canada;; August 4, 2017

UBS analyzed 120,000 reviews of Chipotle — and a troubling trend emerged; Hayley Peterson;; August 3, 2017

A conspiracy theory about Chipotle is gaining steam; Hayley Peterson;; August 3, 2017

Emerging Technologies to Combat E. coli; Sean Riley;; August 1, 2017

DINE SAFE PEEL: Public health inspectors warn just one local eatery with conditional pass;; August 1, 2017

They can’t stomach it: 2 Va. men hit Chipotle with lawsuit over illness; Dennis Foley;; July 30, 2017

Niagara InfoDine turns 10; Karena Walter;; July 28, 2017

Reducing salmonella risk from contaminated produce studied at Wilfrid Laurier; Carmen Ponciano;; July 27, 2017

Chipotle Hit with Subpeona over Latest Food Safety Issue; Adam Samson;; July 26, 2017

Chipotle says sick employee responsible for latest outbreak; David Goldman;; July 26, 2017

DINE SAFE PEEL: Five restaurants warned with yellow card;; July 25, 2017

Province cracks down on popular lobster pound near Peggys Cove; Steve Berry;; July 24, 2017

Butter recalled over possible Listeria contamination: Canadian Food Inspection Agency;; July 22, 2017

All five stores at Queen St. food market reopen after health inspection;; July 21, 2017

Fresh produce could be cause of parasitic infection outbreak; wkrc; July 20, 2017

Yogurt recall expanded to Yoplait and Liberte; The Canadian Press; July 19, 2017

Canadian Food Inspection Agency expands yogurt recall to Yoplait and Liberte; The Canadian Press; July 19, 2017

Wall Street Sees Darks Days Ahead for Chipotle After Norovirus Outbreak In Virginia; Lucinda Shen;; July 19, 2017

No risk messages are risky: Chipotle still doesn’t get it; Doug Powell; barfblog; July 19, 2017

Virginia Chipotle closed after reports of illness; Ben Chapman; barfblog; July 18, 2017

Federal Competition Bureau asks municipalities to relax food truck laws; Diego Romero;; July 18, 2017

‘Disgusting’ video shows mice feeding on pastry at Toronto bakery;; July 16, 2017

Canada reports 12 sickened by chicken nuggets;; July 14, 2017

Study: Processed Mac and Cheese Has Lots of Phthalates;; July 14, 2017

Keep it cool: How Taste of Saskatchewan meets food-safety standards; Bridget Yard;; July 13, 2017

President's Choice pub recipe chicken nuggets recalled for possible salmonella contamination;; July 13, 2017

Viruses and parasites that should keep you up at night; Dan Flynn;; July 12, 2017

More Butter Recalled in Canada for Possible Listeria; Linda Larsen;; July 11, 2017

Inspection agency recalls two more brands of butter sold in Quebec;; July 9, 2017

29 sick: An outbreak of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O121 infections associated with flour- Canada, 2016-2017; Doug Powell; Barfblog; July 7, 2017

Avoid an E. Coli Infection From Flour; Julia Calderone;; July 7, 2017

Ontario court fines Creation Foods Co. for kosher food violation;; July 7, 2017

Notes from the Field: An Outbreak of Shiga Toxin–Producing Escherichia coli O121 Infections Associated with Flour — Canada, 2016–2017;; July 7, 2017

E. coli O157 is always tragic, but probably not because of the last thing you ate; Doug Powell; Barfblog; July 5, 2017

Fresh and Fit: Let’s talk about the importance of food safety; Jay McKenzie;; July 2, 2017

At least 20 sick with Cyclospora in Canada; Doug Powell; Barfblog; June 30, 2017

Emerging food trends come with OHS concerns; Amanda Silliker;; June 30, 2017

Poop could be the hidden item in your Starbucks iced coffee; Marilisa Racco;; June 30, 2017

Stewart Parnell gets 15 minutes of fame on ‘American Greed’; Dan Flynn;; June 30, 2017

'I vomited it out': Woman suing restaurant for animal carcass in salad; Verity Stevenson;; June 29, 2017

Research Ties Ocean Currents to norovirus outbreak at B.C. oyster farms;; June 29, 2017

Food handlers and norovirus transmission: Social science insights;; June 29, 2017

Canadian Food Inspection Agency launches new online consultation for Canada-United States Regulatory Cooperation Council;; June 29, 2017

Canada won’t name frozen chicken products linked to outbreak; Coral Beach;; June 29, 2017

7 sick: Outbreak of Salmonella infections linked to raw frozen breaded chicken thingies in Canada, again; Doug Powell; barfblog; June 27, 2017

U.S. Tim Hortons Franchisees Form Alliance;; June 27, 2017

Egg Company Executives Linked To Salmonella Outbreak Ordered To Prison;; June 27, 2017

Seven sickened across Canada by salmonella related to raw frozen breaded chicken;; June 27, 2017

Public Health Notice - Outbreak of Salmonella infections linked to frozen raw breaded chicken products;; June 26, 2017

Will reheating rice cause food poisoning?; Abigail Norton;; June 25, 2017

Frozen raspberry products recalled in Quebec due to Norovirus;; June 24, 2017

Mark McEwan Grocery Store To Open at One Bloor East Tower in Late 2018;; June 23, 2017

Food safety universe dimmer with the loss of two bright stars; Benjamin Chapman; barfblog; June 22, 2017

Hummus recalled from Walmart, others for risk of Listeria; Kelsey M. Mackin; foodsafetynews; June 22, 2017

New federal healthy eating strategy may lead to warning symbols on your cheese; Susan Lunn;; June 21, 2017

More Robin Hood products added to Canada's E. coli flour recall; Sophia Harris;; June 20, 2017

Color sucks: Use a thermometer and stick it in for food safety; Doug Powell; Barfblog; June 20, 2017

How to Create a Stronger Food Safety Culture; Angela Hanson;; June 19, 2017

Biofilms with Listeria pose persistent threat in food production;; June 19, 2017

Most food recalls in the U.S. are due to Listeria; Tim; June 17, 2017

The miracle of poop; Doug Powell; Barfblog; June 16, 2017

Flour sold in Waterloo, Heidelberg added to food recall;; June 16, 2017

Milk products recalled in B.C. over 'harmful extraneous material';; June 16, 2017

What we know about all the recent flour recalls for E. coli; Charlotte Helson;; June 16, 2017

Total Recall: Top Reasons for Food Recalls in the Food Industry;; June 16, 2017

The Future of Food: How to Correct and Prevent a Food Safety Crisis; Don Low;; June 15, 2017

Recalls: Histamine, aflatoxin and perchlorate; Joe Whitworth;; June 15, 2017

Human Error Led to Recall of 4 Million Pounds of Food Due to Milk Allergen; Mariam Matti;; June 14, 2017

Are Your Employees Trained How To Handle A Crisis Correctly? Here’s How To Tell; Joan Martino;; June 13, 2017

Sharing Knowledge is Key to Harmonizing Safe Food for Canadians Act (SFCA) with Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA); Jennefer Griffith;; June 13, 2017

Organic Trade Association guards against food fraud schemes; Dan Flynn;; June 13, 2017

Canada hit with another flour recall, more illnesses due to 2nd E. coli outbreak; Sophia Harris;; June 10, 2017

Going public: about E. coli O121 in Rogers Flour: Why a 17-day difference between feds and province?; Doug Powell; Barfblog; June 9, 2017

Rogers flour recalled in Canada because of E. coli outbreak;; June 9, 2017

Are Beards on Chefs a Threat to Food Safety?; Nancy Nichols;; June 8, 2017

Good Seed brand sprouts recalled again because of Listeria;; June 8, 2017

Two Guelph restaurants temporarily closed following public health inspections; Guelph Mercury; June 6, 2017

12 Ways Trump Has Declared War on Food Safety; Scott Faber;; June 5, 2017

Mushrooms, some are yummy, some are psychedelic, some are lethal: I wouldn’t know the difference.; Doug Powell;; June 3, 2017

Canadians asked to weigh in on food policy; Katerina Georgieva;; June 1, 2017

Smucker recalls Ardent Mills flour in U.S. because of E. coli; Coral Beach;; June 1, 2017

Ontario court could permanently shut down raw milk sales; Dan Flynn;; May 31, 2017

Death by a thousand cuts; Phyllis Entis;; May 31, 2017

Bento Sushi Plans IPO;; May 31, 2017

Canada Seeks To Implement Food Policy; Adam Bell;; May 31, 2017

Well done, Mom — Life lessons from foodborne outbreaks; Colby Duren;; May 29, 2017

Food safety: Possible risk to reputations provides motivation; Ecolab;; May 29, 2017

Handle flour like raw meat: More Canadian flour and people sickened with E. coli O121; Doug Powell; Barfblog; May 29, 2017

Advocate calls for chicken irradiation in Canada; Rob Drinkwater; The Canadian Press; May 28, 2017

E. Coli Outbreaks Fast Facts;; May 28, 2017

Baking? Check flour on national E.Coli contamination list recall list; Amanda Persico;; May 27, 2017

Burford Meat Business and Owner Fined under Food Safety Legislation;; May 26, 2017

Canadian Grocers Use App To Promote Surplus Food About To Expire; Jeff Wells;; May 26, 2017

Maybe, don’t know: Do hand sanitizers cut down on illness?; Doug Powell; Barfblog; May 25, 2017

No More Appeals for Former Egg Executives;; May 25, 2017

How Worried Should You Be After The Recent Botulism Outbreak?; Marie Rossiter;; May 24, 2017

Tim Hortons Camp Day Builds Brighter Futures One Coffee at a Time;; May 24, 2017

Canada GMO label vote splits industry, campaigners; Ben Cooper;; May 23, 2017

Study: Fatty Acids Can Kill Listeria;; May 23, 2017

New E. coli Outbreak in Canada Associated with Flour;; May 22, 2017

Gastro outbreak bars visitors from Almonte hospital;; May 22, 2017

Rogers flour sold by Costco in Canada linked to new outbreak; Coral Beach;; May 20, 2017

McEwan Fine Food Stores Partners with Cheese Boutique;; May 19, 2017

That Tweet You Just Sent Could Help Predict a Flu Outbreak; Megan Gannon;; May 19, 2017

Food insecurity in Nunavut 'should be considered a national crisis,' expert says;; May 19, 2017

Saskatchewan Top Ranked Province on Conference Board of Canada's Food Report Card;; May 18, 2017

Alberta solid overall performer on the Conference Board of Canada's Food Report Card;; May 18, 2017

An Avoidable Death: Why We Need Strong Food-Safety Standards.;; May 17, 2017

Staying safe when eating out; Neil Godbout;; May 16, 2017

CFIA working to remove Kelly brand of Gigas Oysters from market;; May 13, 2017

Voluntary Recall by Publix Grocer Chain: How Physical Contamination Occurs and How to Protect Your Family; Heather Williams;; May 12, 2017

Some conditions can close restaurants;; May 12, 2017

Listeria control workshop opens 2017 Food Safety Summit; Dan Flynn;; May 10, 2017

Food recalls surge;; May 10, 2017

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Recalls Breaded Chicken Products; The Canadian Press; May 10, 2017

Fake ‘kosher’ cheese at kids’ camps leads to criminal charges; Michele Henry; The Toronto Star; May 9, 2017

Almost 30 Longo’s meat products now recalled for E. coli risk;; May 9, 2017

The future of food safety: the revolution is on our doorsteps;; May 8, 2017

Ron Doering: Of course I’m proud of CFIA, why isn’t the rest of Canada?; Doug Powell; Barfblog; May 7, 2017

Rob Mancini: Why do folks insist on providing bad food safety advice?; Ben Chapman; Barfblog; May 7, 2017

More Longo's brand meat recalled due to E.coli risk;; May 7, 2017

Dole’s Springfield shutdown, recalls cost company $36 million;; May 5, 2017

‘Fry them’ comments in jury room could get Parnells a new trial; Dan Flynn;; May 3, 2017

Fresh produce an emerging food safety challenge;; May 3, 2017

Food Safety Expert Surprises Homeowners and Puts Their Kitchens to the Test;; May 2, 2017

America’s Food Supply Is Potentially At Stake, Thanks To Trump; Joseph Erbentraut;; May 2, 2017

Bill Proposes Food Allergen Safety Training for Restaurants; Kristen Thometz;; May 1, 2017

Two lawsuits over last year’s Listeria outbreak settled by Dole; Dan Flynn;; April 30, 2017

'It's disgusting': Mom says mouse uninvited guest at Edmonton restaurant; Scott Stevenson;; April 28, 2017

Mislabeled Food Products Risk Allergic Reaction;; April 28, 2017

Family, Friends Are First Source for Food Safety Info; Brad Buck;; April 28, 2017

Food safety after power outages: Here's what you need to know; Corwyn Friesen;; April 27, 2017

New Canadian on-farm pork quality and animal welfare assurance program keeps pace with competition; Corwyn Friesen;; April 27, 2017

Food safety threat in plain sight; counter measures less clear; Cookson Beecher;; April 27, 2017

Just as Chipotle recovers from food safety woes, company suffers data breach; Lisa Baertlein; Reuters; April 26, 2017

Pie and tart shells recalled due to E. coli contamination;; April 26, 2017

Everything you need to know about restaurant health inspections (and wish you didn't); Mary Jo DiLonardo;; April 25, 2017

Has the public granted probation to the meat industry?; Chuck Jolley;; April 25, 2017

What you need to know about restaurant inspections, from gloves to soda machine mold;; April 25, 2017

Funky Froot Loops and golf balls in hash browns: the 8 weirdest food recalls in America; Megan Thielking;; April 24, 2017

E. coli O121 Outbreak in Canada Linked to Flour Grows to 28 Cases; Linda Larsen;; April 24, 2017

Possible E. coli expands meat recall at Mississauga Longo’s store;; April 24, 2017

Slow cooker food safety; Jessica Vincent; The Sentinel-Record; April 24, 2017

Why food recalls may seem more frequent; Amina Zafar;; April 22, 2017

Campylobacter and Salmonella Top Foodborne Illnesses in 2016;; April 21, 2017

First responders: What grocery stores do when recalls happen; Jeff Wells;; April 17, 2017

5 Food Safety Mistakes You Don't Want Your Kitchen Staff Making; Ron Harrison;; April 2017

Outbreak of norovirus in B.C. oysters having an impact on P.E.I; Bradley Collins;; April 16, 2017

High Liner fish sticks, breaded nuggets being recalled over allergy fears;; April 14, 2017

Nearly 30% of food products contain residue of pesticide glyphosate: CFIA report; Andrew Russell;; April 14, 2017

Class-action suit seeks damages for people who got sick from Robin Hood flour;; April 10, 2017

Consumers claim dead bat found in recalled Fresh Express salad mix;; April 9, 2017

Chipotle's food safety overhaul; Joel Crews;; April 7, 2017

Food expert raises concerns that garlic powder may contain inferior ingredients; Alesksandra Sagan; Canadian Press; April 7, 2017

New technology could offer cheaper, faster food testing;; April 5, 2017

Private wells test positive for bacteria at 19 per cent clip: WDGPH; Chris Halliday;; April 5, 2017

Robin Hood flour recall expanded to all of Canada;; April 4, 2017

Why did this NC professor go to battle with Gwyneth Paltrow?; Kathleen Purvis;; April 4, 2017

Meeting the Allergen Challenge; Maria Ferrante;; April 4, 2017

Food Integrity: Innovation, Transparency and Trust; Brian Sterling; foodsafetymagazine,com; April 4, 2017

Undeclared allergens a leading cause of food recalls in U.S.;; April 4, 2017

McDonald’s Canada Subject of Cyber-attack;; April 3, 2017

Allergen Alert: Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. Issues Allergen Alert on Undeclared Peanuts in Wegmans Original Killer Brownies with Pecans, Sold Individually or Pre-packaged by the pound in Bakery in New York State Stores Only;; April 3, 2017

Cook your cookies. Plus, closing the gown gap; Kelly Crowe;; April 2, 2017

Arrell Family Foundation Donates $20 Million to Canada's Food University; Kim Hughes;; March 31, 2017

Purdue Study: Listeria Can Thrive Inside Lettuce Tissue;; March 30, 2017

A Day in the Life of an Inspector: Is that a dead goat?; Francine L. Shaw;; March 30, 2017

Robin Hood Flour named in public health warning;; March 29, 2017

From the E. coli O121 in low-moisture foods file: flour power edition; Ben Chapman; Barfblog.; March 28, 2017

Popeyes’ Acquisition Expected to Close Today; Kostuch Media Ltd.; March 27, 2017

A First in Canada - International conference dedicated to food fraud; PR Newswire; March 27, 2017

Canada's Safe and Abundant Food Supply Gets Even Stronger;; March 22, 2017

TV Cooking Shows Cook Up Trouble;; March 21, 2017

E. coli Outbreak in Canada; JoAnn Alumbaugh;; March 16, 2017

Health inspector finds reused gloves, other issues at LifeLabs clinic; Ryan Flanagan;; March 13, 2017

Canada: More E. coli O121 cases in British Columbia, Toronto mumps cases grow; Robert Herriman;; March 13, 2017

What Are the Key Elements Required to Establish a Food Safety Culture?;; March 12, 2017

TrainCan, Inc. Win’s NSF Allied Train Food Safety Award; NSF International; March 9, 2017

Public Health Notice - Ongoing outbreak of norovirus and gastrointestinal illnesses linked to raw and undercooked oysters from British Columbia;; March 7, 2017

Beach Beat: Carnac the Magnificent tells all about Salmonella; Coral Beach;; February 26, 2017

Health Canada approves sale of irradiated ground beef but it must be labelled; John Cotter; The Canadian Press; February 22, 2017

Norovirus outbreak linked to BC oysters: What you need to know; Tania Hohut;; February 21, 2017

Food fraud: study shows Canadians fear risks; Sean O’Shea;; February 21, 2017

Important changes with the introduction of peanuts to babies;; February 21, 2017

Food safety and traceability support available for B.C. producers;; February 21, 2017

10 types of sell-by dates: Why we're throwing out food that's perfectly safe; Jennifer Sheehan;; February 21, 2017

Federal investigation underway as B.C. oyster norovirus outbreak spreads; Isabelle Raghemon;; February 19, 2017

Juicing is healthy, but easily contaminated by pathogens; Cookson Beecher;; February 17, 2017

York tops list of worst Ontario higher-learning institutions for food safety; Jonny Chard;; GFSR; February 16, 2017

Five Things Food Handlers Need To Know About Food Safety; Margaret Spence Krewen; GFSR; February 15, 2017

Restaurants ordered to close over cockroaches, wastewater backup; Ryan Flanagan;; February 13, 2017

Loblaws extends recall of PC Organics baby food over risk of dangerous bacteria; Emma McIntosh;; February 9, 2017

Safe Food for Canadians Regulations Open for Public Comment;; February 8, 2017

Robins Donuts gets warning letter from provincial health inspectors; Dave Stewart;; January 29, 2017

Norovirus Outbreak on Toronto College Campus Appears Contained; Carole Ellis;; January 27, 2017

Paul Lachance Promoted Food Safety on Earth and in Outer Space; James R. Hagerty; The Wall Street Journal; January 27, 2017

Got norovirus? 5 things you need to know about the ‘winter vomiting bug’;; January 26, 2017

Canada seeks to bolster food safety regulations;; January 26, 2017

Nut controversy casts shadow over McDonald’s launch of all-day breakfast in Canada on Feb. 21; Hollie Shaw; The Financial Post; January 26, 2017

Researchers need retail help with cantaloupe safety project;; January 26, 2017

Keep food safety in mind when consuming sprouts; Jane Hart; Michigan State University Extension; January 25, 2017

Hot Topics in Food Safety: The Changing Definition of Food Safety; Allie Gallant; globalfoodsafetyresource; January 25, 2017

Rules for Safe Food for Canadians Act reach final review phase; Dan Flynn;; January 24, 2017

Food Allergy Canada's Open Letter to McDonald's Canada; Food Allergy Canada; January 23, 2017

Mysterious outbreak affecting 215 Humber College students may be norovirus; Torstar News Service; January 22, 2017

Alberta Health Services is reminding all Albertans about the risks associated with the consumption of raw shellfish; Troy Gillard; rdnewsnow; January 21, 2017

Something fishy: FDA’s final advice on when to eat which fish; Coral Beach;; January 20, 2017

Health Unit delivers first-ever food safety A grade; Nicole Dixon;; January 18, 2017

Government of Canada proposes new rules to strengthen food safety; PR Newswire; January 17, 2017

Food-handler bylaw in York Region aims to prevent food poisoning cases; Lisa Queen;; January 16, 2017

SGS Canada Inc. announces partnership with The Canadian Food and Wine Institute at Niagara College;; January 16, 2017

Public Health Agency of Canada issues public notice on of E. coli infections outbreak;; January 13, 2017

Walmart faces 174 charges related to sale of fire-contaminated food; Terry Reith, David Thurton; CBC News; January 13, 2017

CFIA fast-tracked tests on genetically modified salmon eggs for exports, documents suggest; Margo McDiarmid;; January 11, 2017

Niagara College partners with Kashruth Council to integrate kosher and food safety guidelines;; January 10, 2017

Texas team develops oral vaccine against Salmonella;; January 4, 2017

FSIS announces 3-year research plan based on observation;; December 28, 2016

Hepatitis A alert issued in Edmonton; Outbreak News Today; December 26, 2016

Truro must boil water until at least Christmas Eve; Rachel Ward; CBC News; December 22, 2016

Alberta Health Services says hepatitis A discovered in Edmonton food handler; The Canadian Press; December 22, 2016

Another victory for anti-science: Mandatory labelling of GE food; Doug Powell; Barfblog; December 21, 2016

Strategies? Cook ‘em: 120 sicken by noro in raw oysters in BC; Doug Powell; Barfblog; December 21, 2016

Researchers discover how foodborne pathogen triggers GBS; Food Safety News; December 19, 2016

Provincial government investigating 4 cases of E. coli in N.L.; Stephanie Kinsella; CBC News; December 14, 2016

Finger-licking, coughing chefs: A look into Nunavut's food inspections; Nick Murray; CBC News; December 12, 2016

Advocacy and research – December 2016; Food Allergy Canada Blog; December 9, 2016

Critical medicines of last resort could be lost without immediate regulatory action;; December 6, 2016

Canada's Food Price Report forecasts sharp rise in food prices for 2017;; December 6, 2016

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GMO debate shows big opinion gap between scientists, public over safety; Daniel Schwartz; CBC News; May 19, 2015

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Home-canned carrots linked to North Carolina botulism case; Ben Chapman; Barfblog; May 12, 2015

Food safety tops list of retailers' fears in fresh foods, USA; Liz Webber; Supermarket News; May 12, 2015

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Food Recall Warning - Killarney Market brand ground beef recalled due to E. coli O157:H7; CFIA; May 9, 2015

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Costco's peanut butter recalled due to plastic pieces; The Toronto Sun; May 7, 2015

Nosestretcher alert: when washing hands, hot water necessary to inactivate viruses; Ben Chapman; Barfblog; May 6, 2015

Toxic mothballs mixed in with candy in 1,100 food bank hampers handed out in Canada; Doug Powell; Barfblog; April 30, 2015

Ottawa sending special team of food inspectors to troubled meat plant;; April 30, 2015

Sun Rich Fresh Foods recalls apple slices over Listeria concerns; CBC News; April 30, 2015

Inspection issues persisted at former XL Foods plant in 2014: CFIA documents; CTV News; April 29, 2015

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Home-Canned Potatoes Served at Potluck Probably Caused Botulism Outbreak; The Food Safety News; April 27, 2015

Ontario Food Protection Conference; TrainCan, Inc.; April 23, 2015

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Ice cream vendor fined $930; Monte Sonnenberg; Simcoe Reformer; April 21, 2015

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Toronto looks at daycares, nursing homes for DineSafe; David Rider; Toronto Star; April 20, 2015

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Canada Quarantines Eight Farms After Bird Flu Outbreak; Paul Vieira; Wall Street Journal; April 7, 2015

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