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How can I study ADVANCED.fst® or BASICS.fst®?

ADVANCED.fst® and BASICS.fst® are available both in class and online. In class sessions range from 6 to 16 hours in duration depending on the course and the province in which you are studying.

What if I do not want to attend an in class session?

The only way to obtain ADVANCED.fst® or BASICS.fst® certification without attending a class is to complete the online course and challenge the examination. It is not permissible to read the textbook and challenge the examination.

If I want to teach an in class ADVANCED.fst® or BASICS.fst® course, what material will I need?

You must be a registered TrainCan Trainer in order to teach an in-class course.


  • ADVANCED.fst® coursebook 
  • ADVANCED.fst® Instructor toolkit (ATK) which includes: Teaching Guide, PowerPoint Presentation, Practice Exam and Answer Key, and Scantron how to video 
  • Also recommended is the Hand Washing Kit and the Food Safety Face Off Game


  • BASICS.fst® coursebook 
  • BASICS.fst® Instructor toolkit (BTK) which includes: Teaching Guide, PowerPoint Presentation, Practice Exam and Answer Key, and Scantron how to video 
  • Also recommended is the Hand Washing Kit and the Food Safety Face Off Game

How do I order training materials?

To obtain an order form, visit In the MATERIALS section you will find a “Materials Order Form”. Download the form, and when completed it can be email scanned to or faxed to 905-420-8884. Call 905-420-4222 or 888-687-8796 to confirm the order has been received. 

If you need to verify product codes or prices you can download the “Material Price List” from the same site. This form lists all products and associated codes and prices.

When must I order course books and exam questionnaires?

Please make sure to order your course books, answer sheets and exam booklets three weeks prior to the course / examination date.

Orders received within 5 business days of the required course or examination date will be subject to a $50 dollar processing fee. 

A “Materials Order Form” must be completed if ordering answer sheets and/or course books. Download the form from and when complete, email scan it to, or fax it to 905-420-8884 to place your order.

I have received my books but I can’t find the exam questionnaires?

An” Examination Request Form” must be submitted to TrainCan three weeks prior to your scheduled examination date. This form can be downloaded from Please complete the appropriate form for either BASICS.fst® or ADVANCED.fst® exams. The form can be email scanned to or faxed to 
905-420-8884. Questionnaires must be ordered three weeks prior to a scheduled examination date and are generally sent out 10 days prior to the date.

Only Registered Trainers or Proctors with a valid ID can order questionnaires. You should always confirm receipt of your order with TrainCan.

TrainCan cannot guarantee the successful fulfillment of requests submitted less than 3 business days in advance of a scheduled examination date.

What is an exam questionnaire?

It is a booklet of exam questions, with a security seal, to be opened by the student at the start of an examination.

What is an answer sheet or Scantron?

It is the form that students use to record their answers to the examination questions. 

What is the passing grade for the certification exam?

ADVANCED.fst® requires a passing grade of 75% or greater.
BASICS.fst® requires a passing grade of 74% or greater.

What is the format of the exam questions?

ADVANCED.fst® is 80 multiple-choice questions. 
BASICS.fst® includes 15 true/false and 35 multiple-choice questions.

Can I write the examination online?

There are two ways to write an online examination.

  • If you have studied BASICS.fst® or ADVANCED.fst® online, you may arrange to write the examination online. You will require a proctor in the examination session with you, and you will be required to complete the exam in an approved examination centre.
  • If you have purchased a BASICS.fst® or ADVANCED.fst® webcam package, you will be able to write an online examination with a remote proctor at a location and time of your choice.

When can I expect my examination results?

Result reports for in class sessions are sent within one week from the time the examinations are received at TrainCan for marking. Results are sent to Trainers who are responsible for giving students their scores. 

Results for online examination sessions are received immediately upon completion of the examination.

Will students receive documentation that indicates they have passed the examination?

All individuals that pass the examination will receive a wallet card. 

If you have studied in class your Trainer is responsible for handing out the certification documents when they are received.

If you have studied online you will likely receive your documentation in the mail. If you are studying through a school or organization, you may receive the documentation via your instructor or manager.

How long does it take to get a Wallet Card?

Wallet cards are ordered once examinations are graded, and usually take about 2 -3 weeks to reach the student.

What if I have a question about my examination results?

Call TrainCan at 905-420-4222 or 888-687-8796, or visit to download a “Research Request Form”. Forms can be email scanned to or faxed to 905-420-8884. Inquiries must be made within 3 months of the examination date. 

How much do re-tests cost?

ADVANCED.fst® scantrons are $37.00
BASICS.fst scantrons are $20.00 
Additional proctoring fees may apply. Shipping and taxes are extra.

How do I order a re-test?

The “Examination Request Form” has a section to order a re-test. Simply indicate the quantity required. All re-tests require an answer sheet/scantron . 

How much do duplicate wallet cards cost?

Duplicate wallet cards cost $22.00 each plus tax. If you wish your card to be couriered to you, extra charges will apply.

How do I order a duplicate wallet card or certificate?

Fill out a “Duplicate Certification Request” form and email scan it to or fax it to 905-420-8884. If you wish to send a cheque with the request form, mail the completed form to TrainCan at 1840 Clements Road, Suite 100, Pickering, ON, L1W 3Y2.

The form can be downloaded from

Is there an expiration date on the certification?

Yes, the ADVANCED.fst® and BASICS.fst® certifications are valid for five years. Some organizations have a mandatory renewal in a shorter period of time. Check with your company, or Provincial or Regional Health Department for local requirements.

Do all jurisdictions have re-certification requirements?

No. If food handler certification is only recommended, most jurisdictions do not require certification renewal. Jurisdictions mandating food handler certification typically have re-certification requirements that vary, depending on the location. Check with your local health department for requirements.

What should I do to re-certify?

Recertification can be done in class or online. If you wish to attend an in class course you can check the “TRAINING PROGRAMS/COURSE SCHEDULES” tab at .if you wish to recertify online, email to see if you qualify for the recertification discount. Discounts are available to students who purchase an online course recertification before the expiry of their current certification.

What if a student requires an examination adaptation or modification?

Call TrainCan at 905-420-4222 or 888-687-8796, or visit to obtain a “Request for Examination Adaptation or Modification” form. Once completed it can be email scanned to or faxed to 905-420-8884.

You will be contacted about how to proceed once the form is reviewed. Allow three weeks for processing.

What languages are ADVANCED.fst® and BASICS.fst® available in?

ADVANCED.fst® course and exams are available in English and French
BASICS.fst® course is available in English and French
BASICS.fst® exams are available in: English, French, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil, Simplified Chinese, Farsi, Punjabi, Arabic

What does the .fst stand for in ADVANCED.fst® and BASICS.fst®

It stands for food safety training.

What other courses does TrainCan offer?

WHMIS 2015-workplace health and safety training (Online only)
HACCP for the food service industry (Online only)
The Respectful Workplace (Online only)
Slips and Falls for the Hospitality Industry (Online only)
ALLERGEN TRAINING For the Foodservice and Food Retail Industry (Online, in class, self study book)

What is TrainCan’s contact information?

100 - 1840 Clements Rd.
Pickering, ON M3B 2R2
Toll free: 888-687-8796
Tel: 905-420-4222
Fax: 905-420-8884
Twitter: @TrainCanInc